Nowhere on the island of Tenerife I have lived a more authentic and immersive Canarian Folk experience than  in Chamorga, that hidden mountain village  at  the end of  the very bendy and densely green forested road of Anaga, within the municipality of Santa Cruz de Tenerife, in the eastern tip of the island.

Normally during the first week of October, during the local feasts of this tiny Tenerife dorp, usually on a weekend, elderly country men and women concentrate around the only bar in the town “Casa Alvaro” to share the joy of the sounds and songs  of their ancestors, under  the rhythm of  the timples (tiny local kind of guitar), guitars and mandolins.

The setting is magical, a closed virgin village of very few houses, where urban disasters of other areas have only caused a very limited and partial impact, as the place continues to be under the influence of traditional architecture and the schocking stone hills that surround it as well as the strenght of the endemic vegetation of the area.

Chamorga clearly looks like a village teleported from the neighboring island of La Gomera.

The abundant palm trees, the nearby presence of the rainforest, the small size of the houses, the fertile working fields in terraces by the virgin ravine, still alive and loaded with water, a pristine canyon that becomes more arid as it approaches the coast.

The huge rock cliffs that surround the village imprisoning the vertiginous terrain, all this reminds us inevitably to the Columbian island, the island were Christopher Columbus dis his last stop in his first voyage to America.

But Chamorga is more than a beautiful natural setting, Chamorga is primarily a necessary starting point for many excursions through the mountains and ravines of the unique and unparalleled Anaga Peninsula, the most hidden and unknown natural treasure on the island of Tenerife.

From Chamorga routes to El Draguillo, Roque Bermejo, The Anaga Lighthouse, The Houses of Tafada, El Pijaral, Cabezo del Tejo, ...depart, making the town a Tenerife hiking  epicenter; a must start or end of route, since it is the last point  to which the  TITSA buses arrive.

That bus that will return us to the metropolitan area of Tenerife, that will take us back to routine after flavoring a wonderful day of hatching pure nature.

This enjoyment of fascinating nature, is something which can be a daily privilege, available to all those of us who live in this magic corner of the Atlantic, known as Tenerife.