Villa Petra

Villa Petra

Among the most outstanding mansions of the first quarter of XXth Century of Santa Cruz de Tenerife expansion area, is Villa Petra, a beautiful eclectic palace designed in 1921 by the famous island architect Mr. Domingo Pisaca Burgada, in what constituted his first job once he finish his architecture career in Mainland Spain.

The promoter of this beautiful Tenerife mansion was Mr. Cándido García Dorta, who named his stately mansion in Tenerife with the name of his wife, Mrs. Petra San Juan y Jesús, with which he had founded a prosperous import and export business of fruit and vegetable products, as well as a famous textile store "Les Pintemps" located on San Francisco Street in this capital of the island of Tenerife.

The mansion is characterized by its iconic tower topped with a ceramic roof, which looks like a nod to the Catalan modernist architecture of that time and the previous decades; not in vain Mr. Pisaca studied architecture in Barcelona, after leaving his medical studies in Cádiz, and with all certainty was influenced by the magnificent works of Luis Domenech i Montaner or Antonio Gaudí, among others.

In addition to the unique tower, the house has a splendid Art Nouveau forge gate, which leads to the garden and which happens to be the best work of its kind in the Canary Islands.

After the gate, and inside the garden, there is an elegant staircase that gives access to this standard of the Canarian bourgeois architecture of the beginning of the last century, giving entrance to a house of two heights in any of the three cubes in which it is distributed, except for what refers to the circular tower that has an additional floor.

Next to the house, on one of its sides, stands an old garage finished with a wooden work of Victorian elements.

The facade in each of its corners is marked with modernist decorative elements on the one hand and classic motives on the other, which contributes to highlight its marked eclectic imprint.

The splendid set and its corner location have contributed to make Villa Petra perhaps the most famous of the bourgeois historic mansions that are located in the renowned and always in bloom “Ramblas” of Santa Cruz, where jacarandas, flame trees, Gabonese tulip trees, petunias and Easter flowers are alternated in the always mutant symphony of color that characterizes this main avenue of the capital of Tenerife.