Tenerife houses with character

Houses with character for sale in Tenerife: History and Nature

For all of us who love history. For all those who think that a house is more than just a place to sleep. For those who seek out of the constructive standard of our days… a house with character in Tenerife, a house with style, a house with thick walls, a house where the patina of time can be appreciated, a house located in a special natural or urban environment…that  is the answer to our wishes.

It is not always easy to find a home of these features. Here we want to help you to find that special home you have been looking for, for so many years in this our unique island of Tenerife.

We have chosen for you a selection of homes, country cottages, manor houses, mansions or simple shelters that meet these characteristics, scattered in different corners of the island of Tenerife.

Who knows to search, can achieve a special place in this unique island of Tenerife.

Check out our list of suggestions of homes with character and enjoy the magnificent woodwork and stonework of large estates, or the intimate integration of nature and stone of our historic Tenerife cottages, or the eclectic and nineteenth-century forms of urban architecture of our city villas in the islands capital.

All in their style ooze glamor and good life, a quiet life under the sun, a quiet life in this Atlantic paradise within reach of the majority.

As everything in life it is a matter of priorities. Fix your priorities in Good Quality Life. Fix your aims in living in Tenerife with style.