Hodgson's Mansion

Hodgsons Mansion

The Hodgson House is one of those splendid Tenerife mansions built in the early twentieth century by the gentry of the island along the Rambla de Santa Cruz, in the area of the second bourgeois enlargement of the city.
Specifically it arises from the commission made by Mr. Ricardo Hodgson in 1925 to the by then new in town but promising Tenerife born architect, Mr. Domingo Pisaca Burgada and which culminated in 1928 with the completion of this beautiful and historic Tenerife property.

This historic Tenerife house, was built during the dictatorship of Primo de Rivera and coinciding with the provincial division of 1927, which due to the economic and commercial strength of the port of Las Palmas, relegated Santa Cruz de Tenerife to be the capital of only the western islands of the archipelago, hence, losing its status of capital of all the Canary islands. 

Mr. Domingo Pisaca chose an aesthetic halfway between modernism and eclecticism, designing a building of 838m2, with 377m2 ground surface and all on a plot of 1240m2.

This fantastic villa or “hotelito” as they were called at that time, has two floors and a central turret on the balustrade roof that crowns the building. The facade, arranged in three vertical areas, with an spacious and elegant balustrade balcony in the center of the main street above the main entrance, presents in both side streets, two combinations of arched windows. All windows appear protected by the same type of exterior wooden shutters. Currently, and since its recent restoration, brown tones dominate the exterior of the building.
Inside of this stunning Tenerife mansion, a central courtyard crowned by a bright crystal roof, radiates light on the main staircase.

The whole is sober and palatial, keeping perfect harmony with the great avenue on which it sits.