Franco de Castilla Mansion

Franco de Castilla

It is an eighteenth Century superb Tenerife mansion, built by former Colonel Matias Franco de Castilla, following the town pattern of the time.

It is located in the central 81 Herradores Street in San Cristobal de la Laguna, the former capital of Tenerife and UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Its splendid façade, probably the widest of all the palatial mansions of the city, is characterized by the typical symmetrical arrangement of its magnificent sash windows on two floors, arranged on both sides of the beautiful Baroque stonework door. This main entrance is twice crowned by the family coat of arms and a religious image in marble of the Immaculate Conception, surrounded by St. John the Evangelist and St. Jude.

It especially spotlights the mastery achieved by the local guilds of Tenerife builders at the time, as exampled by the great work of masonry on the eaves of the mansion, which are carved in a light color stone to create an elegant  contrast with the black basalt stone of the Baroque main entrance.

Currently this beautiful and aristocratic Tenerife mansion is home to a major city notary, in my opinion probably  the one of most distinguished notaries in Spain.

Unfortunately this gem of the Enlightenment period suffered a terrible fire in the 1970’s, that destroyed much of its interior.

Despite that and even with the gratitude I feel for those who help to preserve these beautiful but expensive buildings, I have always felt that the reconstruction works that took place in this building in the early years of this century, far exceeded the limits of reason, distorting part of the legacy of this exceptional Tenerife mansion.