Buenavista Golf Course

Buenavista Golf Course

The golf course of Buenavista highlighted by the special beauty of its surroundings between the mountains of Teno and the Atlantic Ocean, with whom it limits, and that special design, product of the imagination of one of the best golfers of all times: D. Severiano Ballesteros.

Seve said about the golf course of Buenavista, that most of the holes could be addressed in different ways, which ultimately gives the circuit that special emotion that produce unresolved or multiple choice puzzles.

The course has 18 holes, it has a par 72 and a length of 6,019 meters. The clubhouse is located high in the midfield with panoramic views from the terraces and café at every hole.

It has 6 holes for each par 3, 4 and 5. In the first round, the most demanding holes are all par 4, while the secondly more precision will be required with par 3 holes, especially at hole 15 and 17 which are located at the edge of the cliff.

The greens of holes of par 5 are attached to the shore and offer the feeling of hitting the ball into the ocean. The central lake, between holes 9 and 18, opposite the clubhouse, is connected by waterfalls providing a special atmosphere.

The streets are designed with maximum respect for the natural terrain, so that new zones have been planted with species of the region, some of them endemic to the island.

It is part of the management philosophy of this magnificent sport and leisure center, which is today the Buenavista Golf Club, the commitment to nature, which could not be other the case, being the field located in the very particularly privileged position in which it is.

Thus, irrefutable proof of that commitment has been, obtaining the ISO 14001 Environmental Management System certified by TÜV, to minimize negative impacts on the environment field.

Active protection of native flora, with the integration of natural stands on the golf course and maintenance of rare species like the Limonium Fructicans.

The protection of native wildlife, including the reintroduction of the Osprey, known locally as "Guincho", (which is an endangered fishing eagle), and the promotion of the area as a resting place for migratory birds, are some of the key actions that have taken place.

Also the conservation of archaeological remains, as the archaeological site of La Fuente, "Conchero of Punta Negra", as well as other concheros (shell piles) and original caves of the prehispanic population of Tenerife.

And finally, the strenuous efforts that the Club has done to request, the still pending, final restoration of the Hacienda de la Fuente del Cuervo, that splendid stately mansion, which once owned the land that currently hosts the golf course.

Indeed the Buenavista Golf Course is a highly recommendable visit for all Golf lovers visiting or living in Tenerife.