Golf Properties

The dream of all those of us who feel passion for golf is to have a property next to a golf course where part of our daily time could be spent on our favorite passion every single day of the year.

Therefore, it is not just about having a beautiful property in ever-wonderful, unalterable and green surroundings, as it happens in all Tenerife golf properties but also about the weather conditions of the place in which the golf course is located.

So, what better place than Tenerife? ...or better, what better than a property within one of the nine golf courses in Tenerife? The answer is none.

Whether in the extremely luxurious and always sunny Abama Golf course in Tenerife South-Western coast, or in the very centric, distinguished, sunny and cosmopolitan Las Americas Golf Course, or in the misty and historic Golf Club of El Peñón in the north of the island of Tenerife, or in any of the remaining six golf courses in Tenerife, there is hardly a place in the world that combines in a better way the charms of an eternal spring-like island, at just four hours of the major European cities, with a range of incredibly smart Golf facilities.

The advantages of buying a golf property in Tenerife are undeniable both from the point of view of its recreational-sports aspect and from the point of view of the security of always enjoying of a premium location, for its quality environment.

The golf course becomes itself a huge garden at the service of those who acquire these golf properties in Tenerife.

There is not a better way of combining your passion for golf with the three golden rules of a good Tenerife property purchase: location, location and location.

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