Los Roques de García

Los Roques de García

Los Roques de Garcia are a series of rock formations at the base of Mount Teide at 2100 meters altitude, separating the two basins that made originally the Teide National Park, World Heritage Site by UNESCO, which rise at the height of National Parador (National Hotel) over the Plains of Ucanca.

In this privileged area in the middle of the emblematic National Park, one of the most mythical and magical quintessential places in Tenerife, thousands of tourists flock in search of the photo which more times has been taken by those visiting the island of Tenerife, one that combines the magnificent Teide volcano, Spain´s summit with its 3718 meters high, with the no less emblematic Roque Cinchado (The Strap Rock).

But if there is a magical time of the day to visit this famous Tenerife corner, this is the sunset, when the countless buses of tourists and rental cars are gone and the rocks remain as they have done since immemorial time, guarding the secrets of the spectacular basin of Las Canadas del Teide.

At that time, just before the sun sets, with no more witnesses other than the towering rocks, sightseeing in the distance the fading sun over the Plains of Ucanca, breathing the pure quasi stratospheric air of the Tenerife summits, surrounded by the comforting and impenetrable silence of the heights of the island of Tenerife, enjoying a deep silence that can be "listened" while the sun descends on a overcoming symphony of colors, one cannot avoid experiencing the grandeur of nature in its maximum expression.

Very counted sites and places in the world generate so much energy and comfort as the one we describe in this article. This is not just another place or view, it is a Magic Tenerife corner of planetary scale.

One of those unmatched sites and landscapes in the world. A must visit for any visitor coming to the island. A view and a nature experience that no one can afford to ignore. A place that leaves no one indifferent and will always be remembered. A place that reminds us that Tenerife is not a one more destiny. A magic corner that reminds us that Tenerife is magical and incomparable. That Tenerife is a unique and unrepeatable island.