Los Roques

Los Roques

On the north coast of Tenerife, just outside of Puerto de la Cruz, once you pass Loro Park, drive into the Hotel Maritim entrance until the end of the road at the height of the Acapulco apartments and park the car there.

There on the most distant point from any building in the front line under the shade of a huge ficus robusta, you enter the path that will lead us to Los Roques.

The path will take us step by step to a beautiful bay flanked by towering basalt walls where the full force of the Atlantic Ocean at its wildest version, the one of the north Tenerife coast, beats relentlessly on the cliffs creating a thunderous sound, which is magnified by a giant and natural sounding board, the bay itself.

This light trekking route in Tenerife, which takes not more than 20 minutes to be completed, ends up in a viewpoint at the end of the bay. Meanwhile we will be admiring three majestic Rocks, survivors of what were once the cliff domains.

The rocks show varying degrees of erosion, being the western rock the one that has suffered more intensively the impressive power of the sea, as several natural arches have appeared in its base.

Euphorbia and cacti, literally hanging from the cliffs and colonizing the less exposed parts of the rocks, give to the whole a singular beauty.

The place is one of the most romantic corners in Tenerife. It is a must-see for lovers, nature enthusiasts, seekers of solitary corners to read at sunset.

It is a magic corner for those who enjoy the thrilling sound of the waves breaking against the cliffs or who just want to make a small walk to recharge energy.

On my last visit, January 2016, there was a message of love on a paper written on one of the wooden beams that mark the way.

The message was a description of the sender and described the person who she would have like to meet at the end of the road in the gazebo.

Undoubtedly, this place makes many souls search for their particular magical serendipity moment. Tenerife has lots of magical corners to discover and share.