El Pijaral

El Pijaral

A few meters away from the dry southern slope of Anaga, culminating this ancient northeastern massif of Tenerife, there is a space dominated by moisture, fog, horizontal rain, moss, ferns and a very unique tertiary rainforest In its kind, deeply Macaronessian that we denominate: Laurisilva.

This unexpected gift from nature, whose wilderness competes with Sherwood Forest or the forest of Hansel and Grettel's tale, expresses in a most striking way the enormous diversity of landscapes and ecosystems that coexist in this continent in miniature that is the island of Tenerife.

In the Pijaral water oozes everywhere. The Pijaral is the most charged with life and energy forest that one can imagine. It is the perfect escape for those who live in the dry southern areas of the island. It is a tribute to the green color in all its tones and expressions.

The Pijaral is a space that enjoys special protection. Your visit may require the need to request a permit from the authorities, therefore, in any case, if done, should be done after a convenient planning.

There are many ways to get into this extraordinary forest of "mists and witches", ancient heaths, tall linden trees and twisted logs, but from among all possible we recommend leaving the car at the height of “La Ensillada” and walking the paths of the Pijaral, to tackle three emblematic points such as: Chinobre, Anambro and Cabezo del Tejo.

The first one, the ascent to the Roque Chinobre, is a visit in itself, although the signage shines by its absence. From the rock that ends in a mini plateau ideal for a small snack, you can see the sea and the coast of Taganana, but also most of the peaks of Anaga, the two island slopes north and south, green and brown, and in the background, the extraordinary Teide Volcano. It is an unparalleled view, an extraordinary place to stop and watch the fog rising from the coast. A magic corner to return as many times as possible.

A second mythical point would be to reach the renowned Roque de Anambro, from whose watchtower, only climbers can enjoy the spectacle of an even better view than Roque Chinobre, for all others, reaching its base is already a great prize.

However, there is still a point to reach and this is the famous Mirador de Cabezo del Tejo, an authentic balcony overlooking the sea, the coast of Anaga and Punta del Hidalgo, an exciting tribute to beauty.

Photographs: Rebeca Heredero