El Burgado

El Burgado

One of the most perplexing paradoxes of Tenerife is that being an island, very few public places and especially restaurants can be found by the sea or from wherever you may enjoy a sea view or live a fully marine experience.

Perhaps the Burgado, on the coast of Buenavista del Norte, right next to the golf course of the town, is the best existing example of what should be more common in this beautiful island territory.

Located on a stretch of unspoiled coastline, where the sea roars with all its fury, the Burgado, its terrace shaded by a huge fishing net, is a perfect place to unwind whilst dining on some specialty fish and toasting with white wine.

Especially wonderful are the sunsets, with the bottom of Teno and the distant and attractive viewpoint known as Friars Mirador, but even more, in my opinion, the constant pounding of the waves breaking at the foot of the terrace, as if we were in a boat.

The beach, with its euphorbias and tamarisks, completes a scene of extraordinary charm and magical relaxing power, where there is no place for the clock! The immense beauty of the rugged nature of this, our Tenerife Island, takes centre stage.