Camino Jardina

Camino Jardina

One of the great wonders of the island of Tenerife, is the fact that you are able to easily enjoy magnificent natural sites within a couple of hundred metres from the city or town where you reside. Tenerife is an authentic miniature continent, noted for its diversity of plants and geological landscapes.

One of these "easy getaways" is the “Camino Jardina” (The Jardina road) that is just outside the historic city of San Cristóbal de La Laguna, a World Heritage Site by UNESCO and former capital of the Canary Islands.

Head out of the city from Santa Cruz de Tenerife, the capital of the island, along the La Laguna bypass, using the popular “via of Ronda” (TF -13). You will arrive at the first roundabout where the road crosses with the “Camino de las Mercedes”. Take this road on the right and drive past the famous “El Rayo” cake shop.

The Camino de las Mercedes continues and merges into the Camino Jardina, and then you have arrived at the site of this article.

During the tarmac section of the Jardina road, we discover country houses on both sides of the road, some with a single floor and others with two storeys. Some are sweet, welcoming and inviting, full of flowers and charm. Others are simply horrible mass produced blocks which any minimally diligent Councillor would have knocked down from the start, thus avoiding the current destruction that has been caused to the wonderful former Laguna plain.

Still, after making the required mental exercise not to look at the disgraceful buildings that mark some sections of the track, the result of the lack of sensibility of those who built them and the negligence and connivance of those whom allowed so flagrant damage to the most basic urban and aesthetic laws, we arrive at the unpaved section of the road. Which is where we now start our wonderful and secret way!

And so Jardina, when it begins to enter in the foothills of Anaga, surprises us with a fascinating view of the Valley of Tahodio and its dam, and the wonderful Teide in the background, imposing and distant.

Jardina is a natural landscape within walking distance of the city. A completely rural area. A zone for explorers and walkers, often seeking solitude, who go there to relax and recharge their energy in this extraordinary and accessible place.