Antequera Beach

Antequera Beach

While the Beach of las Teresitas is the beach par excellence of the inhabitants of the capital of the island, Santa Cruz de Tenerife, it is the Beach of Antequera by own right, the one to hold on the collective imagination of the residents of the city, the condition of most desired or most idyllic beach of the island.

And so, Antequera, on the Anaga Peninsula, is the most desired beach because it combines the feature of a beautiful black sand beach of more than 600 meters long with the romantic condition of being inaccessible.

I fact, Antequera is only accessible by sea or after a four hours walk through a mountain trail from Chamorga.

Antequera is exceptional, as well, for having a wide sand platform, without stones, all in a protected bay formed between the Cape of Antequera and the prominent Crag of Igueste, which makes the whole an excellent place to swim out to sea.

But above all, Antequera remains alive in the minds of the inhabitants of the island of Tenerife because it is a pristine beach with no buildings, partially locked after a cliff, of reds, browns, mustards, gray, white and black colors... due to the rich color range of the different geological strata in which the immense stone mass of the clift is divided when it hits the sea.

Antequera is also exceptional for its peculiar cape, a rocky mound unexpectedly jutting into the ocean forming the described calm bay which is just a few kilometers by sea from the village of San Andres. This short trip on the space does not correspond to the extraordinary leap in time, in the dimension of relaxation, which you gain visiting such an idyllic cove.

In our case, we accessed the bay of Antequera using the water taxi services of Nautica Nivaria, which departs from the small port of the Fishermen's Association of San Andrés.

The sea trip to Antequera, takes us through various coastal towns east of the point of departure, sailing along a coast full of caves, coves, huge cliffs of different colors, stories of pirates and shelter of shearwaters and gulls.

Others, lucky owners of their own boats, anchor their sailing, fishing or speed boat in the bay, and enjoy of all the splendor of this unique natural landscape, swimming to the beach or diving from their boats to enjoy the rich seabed around, because Antequera, is another of those magical places and corners hat make the island of Tenerife a unique and unrepeatable place.