The Quintero Mansion

Quintero Mansion

I must confess that I have always been absolutely in love with this Tenerife mansion, which always seemed to me the biggest epitome of Modernism.

Commissioned by the Quintero García family and designed in 1905 by the renowned architect from Valladolid, Mariano de Estanga, this villa is situated at 15 Jesús y María Street, in Santa Cruz de Tenerife.  The tower, culminating in a silver dome, the asymmetrical façades of the building, the dominance of curved over the straight lines and its explosion of floral and plant motifs, are genuinely representative and a leading exponent of the whimsical art-nouveau style in Tenerife.

Within the protected and exclusive neighborhood of the “Barrio de los Hoteles” quarter in the capital of Tenerife, this mansion, along with many other villas, give the area a quality and a special and unique air.

Mariano de Estanga, arrived in Tenerife at the invitation of a brother of his, who was a Marine commander. Completely by chance, he became an essential element of the insular architectural scene, introducing fresh air and aesthetics in Tenerife architecture and in the Canary Island framework in general.

Modernist aesthetics barely developed on the island of Tenerife between 1903 and 1915, being the period of the Great War, a period of stagnation and isolation in the archipelago, unlike the bonanza that the Spanish neutrality meant for the mainland territories, and very especially for the city of Barcelona.