The Mafiotte Mansion

The Mafiotte Mansion

The Tenerife mansion known as Mafiotte, is an urban villa of Tenerife, located 8 Jesus y María Street, on the capital of the island.

Commissioned by Juan Rodríguez López, it was designed by the municipal architect, who was from the Andalusian town of Motril, and whose name was Mr. Antonio Pintor.

He designed a building in an eclectic style with rich ornamentation and combining architectural elements of very diverse affiliation. Planned in 1926, its construction would end a year later, being the last of the great mansions of the famous "Barrio de los Hoteles" quarter of the capital of Tenerife.

With a total built surface of 784m2, on a 361m2 floor and occupying a plot of 1111m2 surface, this mansion is a fantastic example of the palatial buildings of the capital's high islands bourgeoisie during the early stages of the 20th Century.

It has a tower arranged over three floors, while the main body of the house is of two storeys.

The roof of the tower is ceramic and is glazed in checkerboard ornamentation, which is one of the most interesting aspects of the mansion. The gardens too have an interesting ceramic fountain.

Both the façade and the outer fence are crowned by successive pinnacles, which give a palatial look to the mansion. In any case, I always felt for my taste that this Tenerife mansion has an excess of ornamental flourishes.