The Palace of the Counts of Gomera - La Casona

La Casona Tenerife

It was Mr. Domingo José Herrera Ayala and Roxas Ponte and Llarena Xuárez del Castillo, XI Count of La Gomera, who, following his marriage in 1754 with Doña Marina Leonor Benítez de Lugo and Ponte, built this great rural and palatial “hacienda” in what had been the estate of the Benítez de Lugo family in the area of El Durazno from the first land deals that followed the conquest of the island of Tenerife and its incorporation to the Crown of Castile in 1496 and more specifically from June 6 of 1502.

The title of Count of la Gomera is one of the oldest of the Crown of Castile, given that it is an aristocratic distinction granted in 1477 by the Catholic Kings Ferdinand and Isabella.

The Count had accumulated an extensive fortune, fruit of the inheritance of his egregious lineage and of his years of activity in the navy, which came to be enlarged as a result of his marriage. In these conditions, it is not surprising that we are facing one of the most important palace complexes on the island of Tenerife. A fantastic eighteenth-century construction built  in the purest traditional Canarian style, a true exhibition of richness in the use of tea (Canarian pine) wood and basalt stone.
From the very beginning, the palace had its own oratory dedicated to Saint Anthony, large stables and an extensive estate in one of the best agricultural areas of Tenerife, on a land that now appears fully integrated into the urban fabric of the town of Puerto de la Cruz, but that when it was built it was located on the outskirts of what was then the Port of la Orotava, in the North of the Island of Tenerife.

This Tenerife historic mansion, which due to its large size has been popularly called "La Casona del Durazno", (the Big House of El Durazno area) has the traditional L-shaped plant, on two levels, which characterizes the large manor houses of the island.

Currently, the mansion is open to the public as a select off premise establishment where most evenings one can enjoy its magnificent rooms, full of history and furniture dating back in time, often enlivened with classical music quartets.