The Guerra Mansion in La Laguna

The Guerra Mansion

The well-known house-palace of Guerra in the street of Nava and Grimón, former street of the Water, in San Cristóbal de La Laguna, is a building that sinks its roots in the time, although, its present facade, one of the most notable eighteenth-century facades of the city of "Los Adelantados" (title given to Mr. Alonso Fernandez de Lugo, conqueror of the Island of Tenerife in 1496) dates from 1765, although the whole of the building is estimated to have been finished around 1776.

It was Mr. Fernando de la Guerra and Hoyo-Solórzano, Third Marquis of San Andrés and Second Viscount of Buen Paso, who ordered it to be rebuilt.

It was this personage, besides of being Colonel of the Regiment of “Forasteros” in the Island of Tenerife a notable illustrated member of the famous “Tertulia de Nava”, the renowned enlightening social circle which was formed around the Duque of Nava at that time, following the steps of those formed in Paris and other major European cities of the time of Encyclopedia.

The façade, of two floors, presents the characteristics of the high quality constructions of the eighteenth century La Laguna buildings, with eaves carved in stone and stonework walls at both ends.

In addition, the perfect alignment of the windows, with splendid work of carpentry, especially of the windows of the upper floor which are finished in small pinnacles, sober door of bearings in wood of tea,  forge balconies and a central niche above the main door dedicated To some sanctity.

This historic mansion of Tenerife was the first residence of this aristocratic family, but as many other buildings in the island, it has had lots of uses, such a tobacco factory at a time. After its rehabilitation and after many years of uncertainty, it has recently become a luxury hotel in the very middle of the historic center of La Laguna.