Estate of San Felipe

Hacienda de San Felipe

The Estate of San Felipe (Saint Phillip) is another one of the great mansions of Tenerife sited in the Orotava Valley.

The history of this great Tenerife mansion is diluted over time, although we know for certain that the priest of Italian origin D. Luis Rizo Grimaldi, built the chapel under the invocation of Saint Phillip in 1665, linking it to an entailed preexisting estate and mansion, located in the outskirts of the town of la Orotava towards the coast.

The style shown throughout the entire construction from the chapel with the family coat of arms, to the symmetry and perfect alignment of all windows and doors, give this Tenerife mansion an air of understated elegance, combining well with the bright colours of traditional Canarian architecture. The dark green and white traditional colours for woodwork, and saffron yellow walls, have always given a distinctive character to this great countryside villa.

Today the Hacienda San Felipe is dedicated to providing a first class place for events, being a popular place for weddings, celebrations and business meetings. The joint effect of its baroque chapel and beautiful Tenerife mansion, with its magnificent tea (Old Canarian Pine) floors and beautiful coffered ceilings, plus its extensive gardens are a difficult combination to beat.

This beautiful historic Tenerife property, is part of the heritage of the select group of aristocratic families that once owned the mayor part of the Orotava Valley, the richest agriculture area of the island, a closed group of families with strict protocol costumes which included the visit book, what basically consisted in the need to pay back the received visits with another corresponding visit, what was pointed in this curious book that every noble family had at home and would never dear to dissatend.

The photos used in this article were obtained from the website of the company that operates this fantastic Tenerife mansion.