Tenerife Golf History

Tenerife Golf  History

The history of Golf in Tenerife is indisputably linked to the large British community established on the island and which traces its presence to several centuries ago.

This important and transcendental human collective, source of so many good ventures on the island's history, had its first members in Malmsey (Malvasía) wine merchants of which are good witnesses many of the most important historical houses and mansions in the North of Tenerife and particularly those in  the once called Puerto de la Orotava, some of which have been described in the Historic Mansions section  in Ourtenerife.com.

This British influence was crucial in all matters concerning the implementation and development of banana growing on the islands, as well as the subsequent tourism industry development.

At first, visits of British "adventurers" and "travelers", so fantastically illustrated in the blog of my dear John Reid, joined in the late nineteenth century a number of people in search of a "health tourism" that from the UK and other parts of the then British Empire, made landfall on the island and enjoyed the spring temperatures and the stunning beauty of a virgin territory without equal: The island of Tenerife.

This first elite tourism seeking entertainment in their long stays in Tenerife hotels brought golf to the island and so in words of Francisco Javier Leon Alvarez (Rincones del Atlántico) about the beginnings of Golf in Tenerife, he tells us that: "(the island of Tenerife) in the late nineteenth century already had a golf course located on the estate of the Marchioness of La Quinta Roja and a club called Orotava Golf Club. which had been organized by the Hotel Taoro in Puerto de la Cruz (Taoro Grand Hotel), as golf clubs in those days in the island were founded and organized by the hotels for the leisure of their clients. In those hotel founded clubs, also residents would play” in any case it seems, that passion for golf curdled on the island of Tenerife so that soon they began to dispute tournaments,... and so, in words of  the same author, "even to participate in meetings with other British and  against the Golf Club of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria,  with  whom they agreed to hold annual meetings from 1896 at the initiative of Mr. R. Blandy and Mr. Hamilton" .

Thus, the history of golf in Tenerife appears indisputably linked to the Taoro Company founded in 1887 and why not, to the Anglican Church of All Saints, which began in 1890 at the initiative of the widow of Mr. Charles Spencer, both banners of the presence of the subjects of Queen Victoria in Tenerife.