San Sebastian 57

San Sebastian 57

SAN SEBASTIAN 57 was the first restaurant that I am aware of, in Santa Cruz de Tenerife, to individually plate its dishes at the request of diners who decided to share their command. That detail alone would be enough to show the clear vocation of service, the extra effort, that all the members of Alberto's team, the Cantabrian chef in charge of the restaurant's stoves, are willing to do to achieve satisfied customers and unforgettable evenings.

This last night, June 18, 2021, we had the magnificent idea of meeting again after a long time with some old friends at the San Sebastián 57, sharing a magical culinary night.

As far as SAN SEBASTIÁN 57 is concerned, I have always thought, and I have been a customer since it was inaugurated several years ago, that it is more a restaurant for starters than main dishes, so I have a tendency to request many starters, of different textures and flavors, all to be shared, and only two main dishes which are cod in pil pil sauce with wild boletus mushrooms and black potatoes, which is undoubtedly a star dish and the steak tartare that they make quite well there.

Among the starters, which we ordered on this occasion, we were served in this order: SCRIMP CARPACCIO FROM HUELVA, with oriental marinade, shrimp crust and tender sprouts. A very subtle dish.

To what followed, A PRAWN CEVICHE, orange, lime and avocado cream with manga, which was very refreshing and good.

This was followed by FOIE MICUIT, artisan, marinated in amaretto, sphere of bitter almond, peach and macho-citrus, which was excellent and split on four servings, one on each plate with its sprinkles, really eye catching.

That was followed by GRILLED OCTOPUS, in black potato foam, de la Vera paprika and volcanic arbequina.

And they finished the starters with the SQUID CROQUETTES IN ITS INK, really tasty. Once the starts came to an end, the main courses, already described, were served.

The service is provided by Melisa, who is very nice and speaks English, and by Carlos, a renowned island maître.

Finally, the wine assortment deserves a separate chapter, as it is one with which one cannot fail, since the restaurant's wine list is joined by the possibility of choosing any wine from the adjoining establishment, EL GUSTO POR EL VINO, which is currently the largest TENERIFE wine cellar shop, an authentic magical corner for all lovers of the world of oenology.