Frontos Winery

Frontos Winery

The concept of heroic viticulture (Vins Extremes) is linked to that developed in steep territories with large slopes, distant island territories and in general to that developed under difficult conditions from the point of view of mechanization of agricultural work, logistic activities and commercial distribution. Heroic viticulture is by definition one that clashes fully with the concept of economies of scale or cost optimization. The heroic viticulture is this way the one that develops in the most difficult conditions, that one which is fruit of the effort, the persistence and the passion for the wine world.

All the viticulture of the Canary Islands is considered heroic viticulture, from the “Geria” of Lanzarote to the vines of the malpaíses (bad lands) of La Palma, but if there is a winery in Tenerife which I personally believe that fits better to the concept of heroic viticulture, that is the Bodega de Frontos, in the designation of Origin of Abona, in the area of Los Blanquitos, in the municipality of Granadilla de Abona.

The Bodega Frontos project is, like so many others in this unique and captivating world of oenology and viticulture, a family project.

The FRONTOS winery is a project where the important thing is not in what is earned monetarily but in the satisfaction to do something in what is believed with passion, regardless of time, regardless of effort. And so, for more than fifty years, the Luengo family has been passionate about its magnificent wine project.

With a limited annual bottling capacity of only 100,000 bottles and with average productions of between 40,000 and 60,000 bottles per year, depending on the different vintages, FRONTOS, led by its winemaker Pablo López Betancor, is reaching day by day the maximum international recognition.

Year after year they accumulate in their showcases the highest international awards and step by step this winery is gaining a greater presence in the complicated world of exporting worldwide quality wines.

The extraordinary ecological dry whites obtained from bunch-to-bunch harvesting, often from old vines scattered in marginal rain fed dry land areas, at the foot of ravines or on top of steep cliffs, reward the patient hand that is capable of picking them up basket in hand, with their exquisite nectar, giving their wines a very exclusive imprint, the imprint of something unique, that does not exist in other places of the Earth, something not replicable.

Bodega Frontos is also a project fully respectful of the magnificent landscapes that surround it, an integrating project, an extraordinary place to immerse oneself in the world of wine but also to enjoy a gastronomic business, family or friends meeting. A Tenerife winery that cannot be missed by any person interested on wine and nature.