Mirador de Chipeque

Mirador de Chipeque

The Chipeque mountain stands 1830 meters high and it is located in the Dorsal mountain chain, known as well as Dorsal of Pedro Gil, the most important of the Canary archipelago, which stretches for 25 km from the vicinity of Mount Teide to the vicinity of the Mountains of La Esperanza, a mountainous system evolving from the center to the east of the island of Tenerife.

This mountain has a magnificent natural viewpoint from which one can enjoy one of the best views of Mount Teide, the mountains of northern Tenerife and the entire northern coast of the island.

The viewpoint is accessed from road (TF -24) connecting La Esperanza with the National Park of Las Canadas del Teide, UNESCO-World heritage site; at the height of km 26.5.

At the right and side of the road two signs indicate the existence of two viewpoints: Cipeque and Chimague, the first one overlooking at the Teide and the island of La Palma and the latter overlooking to the island of Gran Canaria.

After a short tour of no more than one kilometer and after leaving at the left the already mentioned viewpoint of Chimague, we reach our destination: The viewpoint of Chipeque.

Chipeque is an absolutely magic place that is convenient to visit at all times of the year to observe the foreground Teide in all seasonal changes and with all kind of clouds surrounding it.

But Chipeque offers a much more varied spectacle for the traveler or viewer that decides to visit the place. From Chipeque one can enjoy the immensity of the Atlantic Ocean from a fabulous natural vantage point. One can perceive the island of La Palma in the horizon. One can feel the sensational experience of dominating the entire north coast of Tenerife from Punta del Hidalgo to Punta de Teno, as well as the midlands of the Orotava Valley and the majestic pine forests at the feet of the stunning  volcano known as “father Teide” within the proud islanders.