La Rambla de Castro

La Rambla de Castro

In the municipality of Realejos, in the north coast of Tenerife, one of the most precious treasures of the island´s landscape can be found, a fabulous palm grove by the Atlantic Ocean. This is La Rambla de Castro.

To access the Rambla de Castro from Los Realejos, you need to stop in the so called Mirador de San Pedro (St. Peters viewpoint) which is along the main road linking the towns of Los Realejos and Icod de los Vinos, TF- 5, a few kilometers from the entrance to Los Realejos, after the quarter of San Vicente and before the exit to the beach of El Socorro.

The viewpoint, owes its name to the sixteenth century built, St. Peter´s chapel, located at its feet, right in the path we will take to visit this magical corner of the island of Tenerife.

From the viewpoint and along the way we will see first at the left hand side, the wonderful “Punta del Guindaste” with its majestic dragon tree and a sea of ​​banana plantations dotted with historic Tenerife mansions. Real gentry property.

Step by step down along the stone road to the see, we will eventually reach the beautiful historic Tenerife mansion of the Castro Family.

This Tenerife mansion, was built in the sixteenth century by D. Hernando de Castro, Portuguese merchant, who took part in the conquest of the Island in 1496 and profited from large plots of land in this very fertile and rich in water splendid corner of the island of Tenerife once the first governor and conqueror of the isle, D. Alonso Fernández de Lugo, acknowledged his contribution.

The Castro´s planted lots of different crops through the years but at first they grew sugar cane, which they exported mainly to Seville, Lisbon and Antwerp.

Little by little we go deeper into this mythical place, long acclaimed by many travelers that visited it over the centuries.

A former private Tenerife property, owned today by the Council, so free access, in which we find splendid examples of ancient Canary palms (phoenix canariensis), tabaibas, cacti and even a precious and fragile dragon tree, on a problem free walk, that can last if we decide to spend time to enjoy every single detail, up to two hours in a leisurely pace, with the ubiquitous presence of the Atlantic Ocean.

An Ocean with the vigor that characterizes the northern coast of this magical island of Tenerife, dotted with rocks and crags.

After passing this historic mansion of Tenerife, we take course towards the so-called Fort of San Fernando, a small watchtower on the sea, which completed the defense of the coast of the Orotava Valley and its harbor from the constant attacks of Pirates and Corsairs.

The San Fernando fort was designed in the eighteenth century and remodeled and armed with five iron guns, of which three remain in the site, in the fateful year of 1808, beginning of the Napoleonic occupation of mainland Spain.

From the vicinity of the fort, we can enjoy the best overview of the area formed of Hundreds of Palm trees that reach the sea, and which is dominated by a wonderful Tenerife mansion in traditional yellow color.

On the other side, towards Puerto de la Cruz, a view of the rugged and untamed north coast of Tenerife, with the Gordejuela house, old water elevator built by the Hamilton´s, as romantic stamp in the distance.

Back to the car, we pass again under the shadow of the old and scrawny dragon tree, approaching step by step the old Tenerife mansion between the palm grove.

But this time, once we arrive at the junction, we will take left towards the parking at St. Peter´s but not before visiting the yams fountain.

Finally, under the shade of the old Indian laurels back up the winding path to the Mirador de San Pedro, we will eventually arrive to the car. There is where we should drink a good refreshing DORADA lager to give a right end to this magnificent tour.