Sabor Canario

Sabor Canario

Sabor Canario stands for Canarian Flavor and it must be said that rarely a name can match better with an experience.

To lunch in the Restaurant Sabor Canario, in the unsurpassable surroundings of a historic urban house of La Orotava that has been inscribed in the records of the town since 1599 and taste all the traditional dishes of the Canarian cuisine that are served there, from the famous Cod with almonds, no less famous rabbit with salmorejo sauce, or ribs with potatoes and green mojo, cheese with mojo, cherne fish dishes or the same big pork chop with wrinkled boiled potatoes in salt and mojo picón, it is all one Extraordinary immersion in a unequaled  way of making and feeling  that characterize the wonderful Canary Islands Tradition.

The restaurant Sabor Canario, in the 17 Carrera del Escultor Estéve street, in the heart of the historical center, a stone's throw away from the town hall of the town of la Orotava, is the result of the dedication with which the family of Mr. Angel Manuel Domínguez, sad and Recently deceased, has concentrate its effort to recover the best culinary and architectural tradition of Tenerife, turning the whole into a highly recommended corner of the island since they undertook the integral restoration of the house in the mid-nineties of last century.

More than twenty years of effort have achieved the harmonious combination of a traditional island architecture environment of great historical value, with a friendly and always attentive service, with a local wine that invites to conversation and to the good humor and a food as it is difficult to find in other places.
Attached to the restaurant which revolves around the central courtyard partially porticoed by the support of unique four-hundred-year-old basalt stone columns, there is a shop of traditional products from the Canary Islands and a rural hotel of recommended visit.

But having said all this, it is necessary to understand that there is a moment throughout the year in which the Sabor Canario acquires all its flavor, and this is during the festivals of La Orotava and specifically during the Baile de Magos of the town, that According to the variable lunar calendar by which it is governed, usually takes place on a Friday of the month of June.

Every year, for several years, faithful to the event, the usual group of friends, we meet in the Sabor Canario, dressed in our traditional costume and after a fantastic dinner, we dance to the sound of folk music in the adorned patio of the grand mansion. And so, in that extraordinary moment of exaltation of the value of tradition, in this unrepeatable environment, we discover and experience all present, the true taste of the truly Canarian, in a festive and inclusive atmosphere, of people of all ages, conditions and origins.