Lucas Maes

Lucas Maes

The restaurant is currently closed.

Restaurant Lucas Maes in the Orotava Valley, in the north of the island of Tenerife, is a sophisticated restaurant, characterized for its attention to detail, careful presentations and small nuances, what makes it rank within the higher standards in the Island of Tenerife.

This elegant Canary-Belgian restaurant is run by the married couple formed by Lucas Maes, master chef trained in some of the best kitchens in France and Belgium, and Susana Gallardo, who is responsible for directing the room and welcoming the clients.

Both in its interior rooms and its magnificent terrace, the Lucas Maes restaurant, for many of us: Casa Lucas, is known for its unmistakable and wonderful cosmopolitanism. In this sense it is not strange to be surrounded on every table by elegant people from different countries, speaking in different languages, which confers an unmatchable plus to the whole set.

I was especially pleased dining in the restaurant on occasion of its 10th Anniversary, where a special tasting menu was served, which took place on a beautiful summer night in the terrace of the restaurant, which in that occasion had the plus of a very ethnic and appealing live music, giving to the whole a truly magic atmosphere.

The great location, that special atmosphere that is only found in Casa Lucas and the innovative culinary offerings, make of Restaurant Lucas Maes a benchmark of good food in Tenerife, undoubtedly one of the magic secret corners of the island.