La Concepción

La Concepción

La Concepción, located in number 4 of la Noria Street in Tenerife´s capital, is a new concept of fun and unformal Tenerife restaurant. In some way it is a kind of alternative restaurant where the most important part of its success is related to the easy going way in which things are done, the warm atmosphere that it encloses and the nice combination of jazz, bossa nova and other evolving and exiting music that one usually hears there.

Food is great and different to whatever you can taste in other Tenerife restaurants. It is a kind of fusion kitchen made of bits and pieces of different world culinary traditions.

No table cloths, just paper mats over the rough wooden tables and small colorful plates, complete the unformal touch that makes it so successful within friends that just look for a place where to enjoy of an amusing dinner, of a moment to chat and have some laughter.

Another interesting fact is that this Tenerife restaurant opens every day, and that it has a nice terrace just by one of the main historic spots of the island of Tenerife, the beautiful church of La Concepción (Our lady of the Immaculate Conception) of where its name derives.

In fact, this Tenerife restaurant is located in what remains of the old city or historic quarter of the capital of the island, in an old two storey stone walls historic house of the town, in a very suitable place to visit for those who come to Tenerife´s capital by bus or for those who park their car in one of the centric car parks of the city.