Carbo Restaurant

Carbo Restaurant Tenerife

This restaurant does not exist anymore.

In the tourist area of ​​South Tenerife and a few meters from the famous Playa de las Vistas, there are plenty of gastronomic options where the general tonic is mediocrity.  Standard food for less demanding palates. As always, every rule has its exception and in this case the Carbo Restaurant, is a sonorous and outstanding exception.

Yesterday, on a warm summer evening, we enjoyed an exceptional dinner and all the care and attention of the Chef of this magnificent temple for foodies, the Brazilian cook of Basque formation, Mr. Diogo Ferro.

When plate after plate you immerse yourself in the full gastronomic enjoyment, you can only finish being interested in the life and miracles of the person responsible for such gastronomic boasting and that is how I met Diogo and he told me about his gastronomic training in the cooking school of Artxanda, the dean gastronomic school of Biscay, of his trainee and working periods in the three Michelin star restaurants of Mugaritz and Martin Berasategi in Lasarte, or in the  Munua Restaurant in the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao,or in the select very select Chateau Relaix Abbey of Retuerta restaurant  in Valladolid, ... and of course, so many years of experience in so Great schools can produce no other result than excellence.

I do not know where to start when describing the different dishes that made up the generous tasting menu that we enjoyed last night, a sublime combination of traditional flavors presented according to the most avant-garde canons and with fusion melting touches.

Perhaps it was the dish of prawns prepared with singular success fusing Peruvian and Oriental elements, perhaps the extraordinary foie gras  with crunchy caramelized top on a base of cottage cheese and guava, perhaps the steamed sirloin with Bourbon essences, the concentrated gravy reduction of the Ox tail dish, or the sorbets of peppermint rum, or the magnificent millefins of crispy aubergine with tomato ice cream and cottage cheese, ... I do not know, I only know that describing them would be totally insufficient. Carbo Restaurant is an experience that needs to be lived and flavored in all its details of crockery, glassware, cutlery, floral decoration of the dishes, aromas and flavors.

I would not want to finish without mentioning the extraordinary winery. Experimental winery I would say. Faced with so many restaurants with wine cellars filled with classic wines without any magic, the Carbo Restaurant has a selection of wines of limited series and extraordinary quality. On the night of yesterday, we chose two extraordinary Canarian wines, from my much admired winemaker Alejandro Gallo. The white wine, which I had not tasted, was the result of a magnificent blend of Aromatic Malmsey and Marmajuelo, and the red, already known by me, the fruit of a coupage between Tintilla and Black Vijariego. These wines put the finishing touch to a memorable dinner, which I transmit with the intention that more residents and visitors of Tenerife can enjoy in what today is undoubtedly one of the best restaurants on the island.