Transport & Tourism

This directory section will approach the where to stay and how to move around the island of Tenerife.

Regarding the where to stay, Tenerife has one of the widest hotel and apartment offers in the planet. Hundreds of apartment complexes for tourist and long rent apartments are available. Thousands of hotel beds are available as well in Tenerife, predominantly in four and five star hotel complexes.

The island, tourist wise, excluding natural reserves, it is basically divided in three areas:

  1. The South, which would include basically all tourist resorts within El Médano in the council of Granadilla de Abona and Los Gigantes in Santiago del Teide, having Los Cristianos-Playa de las Américas -Costa Adeje as the epicenter of the area.
  2. The metropolitan area, formed basically by Santa Cruz de Tenerife, the current capital of the isle and La Laguna the former capital of the whole Canary Islands.
  3. The North, which would include all towns within Bajamar and the Buenavista Golf course, having Puerto de la Cruz as the main tourist town of this third zone.

To explore the island of Tenerife the best is to have a car, either renting a car, there is a very large offer of rent a car services in Tenerife, or buying one, especially those who decide to spend long periods in the island.

For those who feel reluctant to drive a car in Tenerife, the public transport service is a good option. The shiny green public buses connect almost every corner of the island and within the metropolitan area there is nothing better than the modern Tenerife tram.

In this sense for those who wish exploring the metropolitan area, direct bus services connect the main tourist areas with the main bus station in Santa Cruz known as the "intercambiador" where a tram can be taken to La Laguna avoiding the hassle of entering with a car these relatively big towns.

As well, those who visit Tenerife and have the time to explore other of the Canary Islands, can enjoy of a developed plane and ferry system that can complete the joy of enjoying an eternal spring with the adventure of jumping from one island to another, combining the greenest rainforests of La Palma with the golden sands of Fuerteventura´s desert style immense beaches.