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Both tourist and residents in Tenerife have within their main concerns medical care issues. Some become essential when considering wether to stay or visit Tenerife. Fortunately, medical care assistance is within the highest parameters of medical international standards in the island of Tenerife.

Both public and private Tenerife hospitals are available in the isle, but many other services including Tenerife dental clinics and Tenerife dialysis centers are key for final destination elections.

Particularly dialysis is a big concern for patients and tourist in general with sever kidney problems. To be sure that a reliable dialysis center is available can determine most decisions regarding where holidays are taken. In this sense many different hospitals and specialized medical centers exist in the isle of Tenerife, both in local and tourist areas.

A second thing to check is wether one´s health insurance includes within its coverage dialysis or other medical assistance in Tenerife and in any case in which center these services are covered.

Finally, as important as somatic treatment is, in some cases and moments of life, psychological therapy. For all psychological, dental and medical treatment in general, suggests the following Tenerife specialists, for those who only search for spa, relaxation and beauty treatments, this is as well their section within our directory.

Health & Beauty: