Finance & Insurance

For those who decide to establish in the island of Tenerife or who decide to spend long periods in the isle buying a suitable Tenerife property, one of the most important decisions to make is to choose the most adequate Tenerife bank and Tenerife insurance partners.

The best Tenerife bank is always that one in which you feel that you are better treated, where you feel that your money is safer and where less bank commissions are charged for whatever services you require. As well, modern and up to date online banking services are essential.

Spanish authorities grant up to the first 100.000 euros saved either in bank accounts or deposits, in any bank operating with a Spanish banking license, what somehow is a good guarantee for most of us.

Regarding insurance services, these are usually covered either by independent insurance companies or by banks. The wide range of Tenerife insurance companies invites to compare offers and get the most suitable insurance for each occasion.

In this sense, local insurance companies are especially suitable for car insurances, while foreign companies are usually best option for life insurances.
For more information about insurance and banking services in Tenerife, please check the following suggestions in directory.

Finance & Insurance:
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