Entertainment & Sports

There is a direct connection within Tenerife and leisure. It could not be, by any means, different.

The privilege landscapes and sceneries on the island, the very diverse microclimates within every zone of Tenerife, the fact that Tenerife is a world top ranked tourist destination plus the undeniable true that some zones of the island are dryer than extensive areas of the Sahara desert, hence there are some areas where it hardly ever rains, make Tenerife a very easy place to do sport or simply enjoy of a stunningly good weather, doing any kind of activity in the open air almost every single day in the year.

Surf, windsurf or sailing are some of the favorite activities for those who enjoy Tenerife´s deep blue sea.

Trekking on natural parks, through black volcano lava areas or through extensive pine forests or rain forest mountains, or just doing long walks by the shore are pleasures  that can be enjoyed almost every day.

But if one sport activity had to be highlighted, that would be undoubtedly golf. Tenerife has a large assortment of golf courses that can be enjoyed and the advantage of knowing that no second plans will have to be made for rain or other weather reasons.

Finally, many are the thematic parks in the island. From water kingdoms full of slides and pools, to exclusive zoos or historic based attraction parks. Many of which you will be able to discover in this Ourtenerife.com directory section.