Cueva del Viento

Cueva del Viento

Journey to the center of the Earth

The capricious volcanic geography of the island of Tenerife gives rise to innumerable geological formations of all kinds among which stand out, how not?, the multiple volcanic cones of the island but also the large number of caves and subterranean volcanic tubes distributed throughout the Island geography.

Usually these volcanic tubes remain hidden and unexplored by the common residents of the island; but luckily enough and thanks to the work carried out by the Island Council (Cabildo) and other institutions, the most brilliant of them all, the one that happens to be the fifth longest cave in the planet, the longest cave in Europe, The Cave of the Wind (Cueva del Viento) in Icod de los Vinos, is in a part of its more than 14km of  known subterranean cavities, open to the public.

Thus, as Jules Verne predicted in 1864 in his famous novel Journey to the Center of the Earth, walking through the sinuous nooks and crannies of this great prodigy of nature generates a new and indescribable sensation. All in an Indian row, equipped with a helmet and luminaire, residents and tourists follow the guide and its explanation of this still partially explored prodigy formed more than 27,000 years ago by lavas from Pico Viejo, the second highest volcano on the island of Tenerife with its 3135 meters of height.

The guides give meaning and response to the different textures and colors of the lavas that make up the walls and floors of the cave. In addition, they reveal in turn the singularity of the three floors or levels on which it develops.

La Cueva del Viento in Tenerife, unless otherwise advised due to emergency measures, is open every day of the year, except on the 24th, 25th and 31st of December and 1st and 6th of January.

The small admission price is worth the extraordinary experience of exploring the mysterious entrails of the Earth in what is a comfortable excursion accessible to almost everyone and available in English, German, French and Spanish

Images: Alfredo Laínez Concepción