Villa Clara

Villa Clara

Each of the large mansions and luxury villas in Tenerife constitute a today witness of certain historical period, and each and every one of them contains a singular history, a passion. Villa Clara is the fruit of the passion of its first owner and promoter, D. Bernardo de la Rosa, for the great southern mansions of the United States of America.

Fascinated by the large portico porches of nineteenth-century Georgia mansions, he commissioned one of the most relevant architects of the time, D. Antonio Pintor, to design the house of his dreams. Thus, on the Ramblas of Santa Cruz de Tenerife, on a plot of 1229m2, D. Antonio signed in July 1922 what eventually became one of the mansions of reference of the capital of Tenerife.

The works were developed with celerity with what a year later, in 1923 was inaugurated this singular luxury villa or mansion of Tenerife of 505m2 of constructed surface and 228m2 of base. The architect replaced the giant order in columns and pilasters of the great southern mansions, for a more Mediterranean and restrained Ionic order, generating a proportionate and elegant set of eclectic style, with great importance of the balustrade that finishes every roof.

Like all senior and respectable ladies, this beautiful Tenerife historic mansion, contains some mysteries which are not yet completely unveiled and thus, among those named by those who know well the mansion, are some secret passages designed by its owner to be safe in case of emergency. Moreover, this unique real estate property of Tenerife, today forms part of a reputable College, although before being part of a college it has passed through various hands and served to very different purposes in it´s almost hundred years of history.

Villa Clara, today, stands as one of the most harmonious and balanced mansions in Tenerife, where part of its secret relays in its beautiful garden.