The Oliver Mansion

Oliver Mansion

The Oliver Mansion in Santa Cruz de Tenerife, occupies a floor area of 737m2, and a total built surface of 1.181m2.

It is a magnificent mansion built by order of a man from Mallorca, named Mr. Gabriel Oliver, in the mid - twenties, following the pattern of an English gentry country house.

Its white walls and columns exude classicism and distinction and contrast sharply with the evergreen lawns and ancient trees that dot this magnificent property of over 10,180 m2, located in a high class neighborhood of the capital of the island.

Such is the natural richness and diversity of the place, that in 1971 and in order to avoid the urbanization of the whole estate, a group of friends of the capital, had the idea of buying all the property in order to dedicate it to what it is today day: a select social club, known by the name of "Club Oliver".

Part of the mythical history of this club, is the idea that in the halls of its restaurant some of the most remarkable episodes in the history of Tenerife business have been set up. There is no  doubt that the aristocratic surroundings of this outstanding Tenerife mansion have contributed greatly to these legends.