La Palmita Mansion

La Palmita Mansion

Known as Finca la Palmita, it was built in 1889 by Mr. Antonio María Casañas González, who was an illustrious lawyer and mayor of the town of la Orotava after 1894.

Mr. Casañas, became famous for the sake of registering Mount Teide and most of the surrounding National Park land, as part of the council of la Orotava, hence transforming La Orotava in the largest municipality of the island of Tenerife.

This magnificent historic mansion of Tenerife, located near the geographical center of the Orotava Valley is characterized by a marked classicist style north façade, with perfect symmetry of windows and austere decor, as well as for a south facade, with marking and distinctive Victorian flavor.

Specifically, it is one of the best preserved examples on the island of Tenerife of English Gothic revival style which quickly spread from the south of England to most of the British colonial territories as well as to territories with strong British influence so as the Canary Islands were in the last quarter of the nineteenth century. It also spread as well into the United States of America, constituting the germ of the later American architecture.

The rapid spread of these architectural motifs so characteristic of the late Victorian era, was the result not only of the enormous influence of the United Kingdom in the late nineteenth century, particularly in Tenerife, with the  progressive settlement of British citizens on the island, linked to the shipping and cropping industries as well as to the first banana exports, but also to the proliferation of  the so-called "pattern-books",  books and  catalogs that builders and architects possessed in those days and that became very popular in that historical period.

These patterns are featured on this very characteristic Tenerife historic mansion, of clear Gothic revival British colonial style, which preserves almost intact over time, those very characteristic red and ocher tones, over the timbered stamped and cut fronds, covering the entire construction except in the corners where the stone is used.

The wooden fence itself,  outside this great Tenerife mansion exudes the flavor of the time, being interesting to note that unlike many of the examples of Victorian architecture of the island of Tenerife. in this case, the promoter was not a British citizen based in the island but on the contrary a prominent member of the insular bourgeoisie.

This magnificent property is crowned by a fantastic roof flanked by classic planters. From its top one can enjoy of splendid views of the Orotava Valley, so it certainly has been for its owners a real dream home.

One more piece of the extensive collection of historic mansions and luxury properties of this unique island of Tenerife.