Forniés Mansion

Forniés Mansion

During most of the second half of the nineteenth century and the early twentieth century in most of Central Europe it was easy to observe how many mansions were built by their owners just aside their factories.
This relatively popular trend has very few examples in Spain and almost none in the island of Tenerife, but in fact the great mansion adjacent to the factory or the family business, something like a mansion-factory is a typical product of the industrial revolution.

Many of these factory-mansions can be found in Lodz (Poland) a city that became very wealthy due to its textile production in the second half of the nineteenth century. The most important business men of the city built luxuries palatial mansions as annexes to their factories, even as administrative centers of their factories, so as it can be observed in the very famous case of the Poznanski mansion; but the pattern is repeated in many other European cities, such as it is the case of Bamberg in Franconia, Germany, with its famous hop traders factory-palaces.

And it is in this context that we must frame the Forniés mansion, which is a fantastic eclectic building with many baroque elements born out of the order made in 1921 by Mr. Luis Zamorano to the famous municipal architect Mr. Antonio Pintor, who finished directing the works in 1925.

Mr. Zamorano ordered a mansion accompanying its cigar factory La Victoria, opposite to the Plaza de la Paz, emblematic meeting point of all fans, for already more than a decade, of the local football team, Club Deportivo Tenerife, which by the way was founded during the years in which our Forniés mansion was being built.

This interesting and historical Tenerife mansion sits on a plot of 640m2 and has a total built area of 507m2 with a base of 210,5m2.

From this precious building stands out especially its tower, crowned by spiers, a true lookout to the most precious section, from the architectural point of view, of the Ramblas de Santa Cruz, the part of the avenue that runs between the aforementioned Plaza de la Paz and the exuberant García Sanabria city Park.

The house, which is today the seat of the provincial headquarters of Bankinter, should be visited at least as far as the accessible first floor is concerned, as it holds an interesting interior decoration, very much to the taste of the roaring twenties in which it was built.

The absence of a real garden and the proximity of the still existing manufacturing structure of the old tobacco factory gives this Tenerife mansion a very distinctive own label that makes it an important architecture element, perhaps not enough highlighted, within the historical heritage of the capital of the island of Tenerife.