Tasca La Cantera

Tasca La Cantera

There is in Granadilla de Abona a culinary temple kept secretly by those lovers of good food in the area of Abona.

At first glance, driving along the road that connects the center of Granadilla with the neighborhood  of Los Blanquitos, we would be totally unnoticed its existence, because this refuge for demanding stomachs in the curve of “La Fuentita” is behind a horrible yellow metal door, more proper for a clandestine car workshop than for a good foodies meeting point.

For those intrepid willing to overcome this first obstacle, after climbing a ramp, they will face a “jable” yellow stone construction that serves as the entrance to a natural cave. Our recommended restaurant today, Tasca la Cantera, is actually partially inserted inside of a cave, but without the dampness or the rarefied atmosphere of the underground spaces.

This tavern has been for me all a discovery, because it combines what is so difficult to achieve and that is, culinary excellence with a sensational atmosphere of traditional inn.

D. Andrés, the owner, a trained musician, runs his business with passion, and has managed to print in the restaurant a magnificent combination of tradition and bohemia.

Those who frequent it, among whom there are cooks of the stature of José María Arzak and Ferrán Adriá, that the atmosphere of the place changes completely from lunch to dinner, from the tavern for friends to the romantic corner for couples and that on certain days of the Week select live music can be enjoyed at the local.

The menu is relatively extensive and full of suggestive recipes inspired by the traditional Canarian cuisine and the legacy of Mediterranean cuisine, all accompanied by a good wine, in a place where time stops and where it is possible to enjoy splendid and long conversations after dinner or lunch.

The personalized attention and warmness of D. Andrés, the sensation of freedom, of "no pressures" in a harmonious and quaint environment, end up giving roundness to a great dinner or lunch. A site that is, no doubt, pointed in the book of favorite sites to return.