La Casa del Vino

La Casa del Vino

La Casa del Vino (The wine house), is a project of the Tenerife Cabildo  (Island Council), which operates since 1992, date on which began the restoration of the large Tenerife rural property on which it is located, in order to communicate and to reinforce the value of  Tenerife´s wide wine culture and its  extensive winemaking tradition.

This magnificent Tenerife rural mansion located by the Baranda quarter in the municipality of El Sauzal, an enclave known for having one of the best views of the Teide and the north coast of the island, was very fortunately restored.

This historic Tenerife rural property, known as Hacienda de San Simon and whose origins date back to the seventeenth century, a period from which the coffered wooden carved and polychrome ceiling of the chapel of this Tenerife historical mansion is preserved, was founded by the Herrera Leiva family, eventually passing through the hands of different lineages, of which special mention should be done to Don José Joaquín de Herrera, who owned the property and was president of Mexico from 1844 to 1850.

Like all great Tenerife historic property in this region of the island, it controlled a vast agricultural estate that stretched from the sea to the summit, succeeding different kind of crops depending on the high of the different fields, so that the most basic subsistence products for self-consumption or internal market where grown in the highest lands and the high value-added products for export in the most nearshore areas.

This Tenerife historic mansion has a total surface of ​​1,155 m2 on one level storey around a central courtyard where a huge winery with its traditional press is located.

In addition to the afore and the already mentioned chapel, the ancient living rooms of this Tenerife historic property, have been transformed in to: a Tenerife wine and cheese tasting room, a museum about wine, its history and the different techniques and works linked to agricultural production and vine growing on the island of Tenerife, an exhibition hall, a tavern and a restaurant.

The restaurant, which is the main protagonist of this section of our website, has regained much of its lost splendor. After a good start, where La Casa del Vino became a reference point for all those wishing to show the gastronomic secrets of Tenerife to island visitors, there were many years of tenants that undermined the whole reputation of this fantastic place. Now, fortunately, and since a few years ago, the restaurant shines again with an innovative proposal on traditional dishes and ingredients from the kitchen of Tenerife, to the extent that it has again become the landmark that should had never stopped being.

Regarding the menu, in our last visit in January 2016, cod with onions was fantastic, although we enjoyed most of the dishes we ordered. The wines served at this restaurant, how could it be otherwise, are all wines from Tenerife.

Finally, an interesting thing to be aware off is that the restaurant is operative both in the noble halls of this splendid Tenerife historic mansions and as well in its astonishing terrace where breathtaking views of Mount Teide and the Atlantic Ocean can be enjoyed.