FincaVegas Winery

FincaVegas Winery

The village of Las Vegas, in the municipality of Granadilla de Abona, in the highlands of Chimiche, in the south of the island of Tenerife, is a unique and surprising place, because after leaving the Chimiche drylands as the road ascends, the landscape turns green due to the confluence of Canarian pines and the sensation of entering a different microclimate, somewhat more humid but still dry; to which is added a verifiable change in the morphology of the geological elements, in the earth and in the rocks, which present a darker tone, as if moving from a desert area to a mountain area.

In addition, the village has the great attraction of being made up almost entirely of small traditional-style Canarian houses, with small gardens, bougainvillea, some trees and cacti. A quiet place which is away from the hustle and bustle. A small Shangri-La where the sun always shines.

In this magical corner of Tenerife, one of the most attractive wine projects on the island is being developed, a farm and winery under the ABONA Designation of Origin and which markets its exclusive wines under the FINCAVEGAS brand.
It is a family project, driven by the absolute passion for the world of wine. It is a small-scale winery-laboratory, a “boutique winery”, a whim with a single purpose: to enjoy making wines, experimenting with new techniques, obtaining quality wine and international prestige.

The owner family, the Weytjens family of Belgian origin, established on the island of Tenerife for several decades, has a farm of around 7 hectares of which 25,000m2 are planted with vines in a small natural hole, surrounded by natural yellow stone walls, where three red grape varieties are grown: Castellana, Black Baboso and Syrah, as well as the white variety: White Baboso, the most distinctive and special of the varieties they grow and of which they are particularly proud of having it removed from ostracism.

After several years of training as a winemaker, first in Bordeaux and different parts of France and later in the Napa Valley in California, Anthony Weytjens is currently the technical director of the winery and the estate and like all the members of his family a passionate defender of wine and the enological potential of the Canary Islands, due to its pre-phylloxera varieties, the quality and variety of its volcanic soils, the distinctive minerality of its wines, the contrasts in height resulting from the verticality of the territory, the beneficial effect of the Alíseos winds and multiple other reasons that lead him to defend even the route and potential of varieties initially reviled by many such as the omnipresent "Listán negro", of which he seems to affirm that it is simply necessary to find the appropriate elaboration technique to discover it as a great grape.

The visit to the winery, which has interesting expansion and improvement plans in the immediate future, was a great experience. The desire to produce high-end wines is clearly evident, not only because of the careful presentation of the sealed bottles with beautifully designed labels, but also because of the quality and exclusivity of the wines that are made using different winemaking techniques according to the personality of each varietal.

After tasting all the wines that the Estate produces the mono varietal red wine from Castellana grape harvest of 2018 and the white wine from Baboso white grape, were undoubtedly the stars of the day.

All in all, I still vividly remember the rows of superbly cared vines, the reddish color of the leaves of the Syrah variety in mid-October, the cypress trees, the driveway flanked by orange trees, the prickly pears with ripe peaked figs, the proximity of the pines and the high peaks of the dorsal mountain range on its southern slope and that indescribable feeling of peace, beauty and harmony that this magical place in the south of Tenerife breathes.