Elegant and truly posh decoration with unmistakable urban appeal, like teleported from London or Barcelona, Char, in La Caleta de Adeje, is a wonderful opportunity to enjoy a top quality meat and a menu with very suggestive proposals.

An always attentive service and a wine list of the highest level, complete this innovative gastronomic offer in this increasingly select locality of Costa Adeje. At the right hand as one walks down the main promenade of La Caleta de Adeje towards the coast, we come across to this excellent restaurant that could happen unnoticed, given its small size, if we walked not paying enough attention.

Once inside, though small and secluded, you feel to have, without strain, the necessary space. Once inside, it becomes larger and cozy. On my last visit, at the time we were being served an excellent red wine, we were offered a culinary gift  in the way of a sophisticated  "salpicón de pulpo" (Canarian vinaigrette of octopus and raw onions and peppers), described as "octopus ceviche" by others, which was in all matters outstanding.

Of all the other dishes which we tried, I would highlight the steak tartare and undoubtedly the piece of meat I was served. The restaurant, not without reason, is very proud of the quality of its meat. The Business Group to which this prestigious culinary establishment belongs to, is the exclusive distributor on the island of the reputed Galician meats "Luismi" which can be seen in the quality and variety of their meat cuts.

They assert, as well, that the use of top quality raw material and the special "Josper" oven are the base of their secrets. I personally suspect, that the talent and professional skills of the Canarian Chef Mr. Samuel Hernández, has lots to do as well. In any case, CHAR in La Caleta de Adeje, is a very good option for exigent palates in search of new gastronomic experiences in the island of Tenerife.